What is Ebae and what do you offer?
Ebae is a custom built fan-site which provides content creators, influencers and adult performers a platform to upload their content (pictures, videos, albums) and sell them through a subscription model. Our site has been created with the goal of making it as simple as possible for creators to monetize and increase their fan base, as well as fans being able to find & interact with their favorite creators or even find new creators according to their taste. What percentage of your income do you retain on Ebae? As a bae on Ebae, you receive 80% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, PPV purchases). From time-to-time, we like to run additional incentives or competitions that include temporary payout increases as a reward.

What is the minimal withdrawal amount for Stars?
The minimum withdrawal is set to $100. 

I’m having trouble logging in
Please make sure you are logging in using your email address rather than your username. If you are still struggling to login, please email a screenshot of the error message you are receiving to support@ebae.com

How do I change my password?
In order to change your password please go to ebae.com/reset-password

How do I change my email address?
To change your email address, please send an email to support@ebae.com from the email ID linked to your account, including your ebae username and the email you wish to add to your account.

How do I get promotional graphics?
To receive your free promo graphics, please email a SFW picture and your username to marketing@ebae.com. You should receive your graphics within 2-3 business days.

Can I have multiple Ebae accounts for different content?
Absolutely! You are welcome to have different Ebae pages to post as you please. These accounts will need different email addresses to sign up, however. We also recommend not posting the same content on both accounts since this will make you susceptible to chargebacks and refunds.

Can I post my partner or another creator on my page?
Of course, you are free to feature additional models on your page as you please. If the creator also has a Ebae account, we recommend tagging them in the posts by adding @username in the caption box. If they do not, please keep a model release form on record for each additional performer. We do not require these for each post but may request them in the rare instance that your content gets reported or audited.

What are the banner dimensions?
The banner does not have fixed dimensions since the sizing changes depending on what device it is viewed on. We have set an aspect ratio of 4:1 so common dimensions that may fit would include 1280:320 and 1600:400.

Does Ebae have a referral scheme?
We are currently running a referral scheme on a trial basis. If you are interested to know more, please email support@ebae.com

How do I get onto the Feature Page?
The Feature Page shows 15 different creators, who have a minimum of 50 pieces of content on their page. Everyday, these creators are selected at random, ensuring a diverse mix of race, gender, content and body type. We are currently making our way through our list of creators – so if you’ve not been featured yet, keep an eye out!

Why can’t I withdraw my money?
There are a few possibilities for why you may not be able to withdraw: • Funds may only be withdrawn from your Current Balance. Money from all transactions immediately goes into your Pending Balance for seven days. On the eighth day it will then clear into your Current Balance • You may not have hit the minimum withdrawal amount. This is currently set at $100, You may have entered incorrect banking details. If you see ‘Add Banking Info’ beneath your Current and Pending Balance this means the site does not recognize your details as correct. Please double check for any typos and that your SWIFT BIC code is correct. If you are still having problems, please email support@ebae.com

What is a SWIFT BIC code?
Over 95% of banks globally are part of the SWIFT network that enables international transfers. This is something we need in order to facilitate international withdrawals. You can use the below tool to find the SWIFT BIC code associated with your bank: https://transferwise.com/gb/swift-codes/ If you are unable to find one for your bank, please email support@ebae.com

I don’t have a SWIFT BIC code can I use my routing number?
Unfortunately routing numbers can only be used for local US bank transfers. As a US company we require a SWIFT BIC to facilitate these international payments. If your bank does not have one, please email support@ebae.com and we will talk you through the alternatives

How long do payouts take to process?
Payments typically take 1-2 business days to process. If you have not received your funds after 48hrs, please email support@ebae.com

How do I delete my account?
In order to delete your account, please send an email with your username and email address to support@ebae.com. We will be sorry to see you go!

How do I obtain a 1099 from Ebae?
The W9 form is specifically for our creators that must file an annual tax return to the IRS within the USA. If this applies to you, then please return the completed W9 form to payments@ebae.com so we can store it on file ready to send out a 1099 to you at the end of the year.

Why do I have free subscribers on my page?
If your page was set to Free at any point (including the brief period before you set a price) you may have subscribers that haven’t paid. In order to remove these subscribers, go to ‘Settings’ and change your subscription price. You will be given an option to remove free subscribers. Toggle that option and these will be removed from your page and need to pay your subscription price to see your content again.

I changed my subscription price, why are subscribers paying the old price?
When you change your subscription price on Ebae all subscribers who subscribed at your old price will continue to pay that amount for the duration of their subscription. This is to help encourage renewing subscriptions from existing fans.

Contact Us
For all customer support enquiries please contact support@ebae.com.
For all press and media enquiries please contact marketing@ebae.com.
If you'd like to cancel your subscription and not to be billed again, or for any billing questions including refunds on a case-by-base basis, please contact our billing partner, CCBill, at: (https://support.ccbill.com) via live chat, phone 1.888.596.9279, or email at support@ccbill.com.